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By Frechtman Family Dental of Edison
May 15, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures

Kill Bill fans have been pressing for a third installment of the stylized revenge tale since Kill Bill, Volume 2 hit the theaters in 2004. Finally, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is talking about the long-awaited Volume 3 as if it might soon become a reality. The third movie in the franchise would most likely focus on the now-grown daughter of the character played by Vivica A. Fox in the first two. Vivica recently made known that should Kill Bill, Volume 3 go into production, she thinks 24-year-old actress and singer Zendaya would be perfect for the role.

Although Zendaya is a few inches taller than Vivica, the two women have a few things in common. Besides being talented movie and television actresses who have won awards for their roles, they both have camera-ready smiles. And both Vivica and Zendaya can thank their dentists for helping their smiles be their best.

In 2016, Vivica told Dear Doctor magazine that her smile needed a boost, so she opted for dental veneers to correct gaps between her teeth—and she's very happy with them. “I love my veneers!” she exclaimed. Zendaya also had help in achieving her Hollywood-perfect smile. In 2011, early in her career on the Disney channel, she wore clear orthodontic aligners to straighten her teeth. To further perfect her smile, she visited her dentist for professional teeth whitening in 2016, inviting a film crew along to show how easy and effective in-office tooth whitening is.

But you don't have to be a celebrity to enjoy smile-enhancing dental treatments. They are great options for anyone who wants to improve the look of their smile.

Teeth whitening. If your teeth are looking yellowed, in-office whitening can make them up to 10 shades brighter in one visit! Some people prefer professional at-home whitening kits, which produce great results more gradually.

Bonding or veneers. For small chips and cracks, cosmetic bonding can cover flaws by adding layers of a tooth-colored material over the tooth. For bigger flaws, heavy discoloration or gaps between teeth as Vivica had, dental veneers may be the answer. These custom-made thin porcelain shells cover the front-facing surface of the tooth, hiding imperfections to give anyone a Hollywood smile.

Orthodontics. Crooked teeth can detract from the look of a smile. While traditional braces are an option, many people with mild to moderate alignment issues find removable clear aligners the perfect way to get the smile they desire with minimal impact on their daily activities. Clear aligners are very subtle and can be removed for eating and cleaning as well as for special occasions—or for filming scenes, as Zendaya knows.

Contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation to see if professional teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding or veneers, orthodontics, or another dental treatment could enhance your smile. You can also learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Important Teeth Whitening Questions Answered” and “How Your Dentist Can Help You Look Younger.”

By Frechtman Family Dental of Edison
April 15, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

When dental implants hit the scene in the 1980s, they revolutionized the field of dental restorations. But as groundbreaking as they were then, they're even more advanced now.

Some of the advancements have to do with improvements in implant design and manufacturing. Implant sizes and shapes were once quite limited, but today they come in a variety of forms to better match the types of teeth they replace.

But there has also been important progress in complementary technologies that help us realize better outcomes. Many of these other advances have had a positive impact on the planning and surgical stages of implant installation.

CT/CBCT scanning. For the best outcome, it's critical to install an implant at the most appropriate location on the jaw. This can be difficult to determine, however, because of the location of oral and facial structures like nerves or sinuses that might interfere with implant placement. But using a type of computer tomography (CT) scanning called cone beam CT, we can produce a 3-D computer graphic image that helps us navigate possible obstructions as we pinpoint the ideal location for an implant.

Digital smile displays. We're now able to produce digital models of the mouth, which can assist with more than implant placement—we can also use them to visualize what a new smile with implants will look like before we install them. This is especially helpful in situations where only a few teeth need to be replaced: We want to ensure that the new implant crowns blend seamlessly with the remaining teeth for the most natural appearance.

Custom-made surgical guides. We've been using surgical guides to mark the exact drilling locations during implant surgery for many years. But 3-D printing technology can now help us produce surgical guides that are even more useful and precise. Using a 3-D printer, we can produce oral devices based on the patient's individual dental dimensions captured through digital scanning. That produces a better fit for the guide on the teeth and more accurate implant placement.

Together, these and other technological advances are helping us achieve even more successful results. Not only can they help us produce implant outcomes that can last for years or even decades, but also the most beautiful smiles possible.

If you would like more information on dental implant restorations, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “How Technology Aids Dental Implant Therapy.”

By Frechtman Family Dental of Edison
February 14, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: tooth decay  

Tooth decay can be a big problem for children's primary (baby) teeth. It doesn't take long for a tooth to become infected and the infection spread to their neighbors.

But since it will eventually give way to a permanent tooth, why not just pull a diseased primary tooth? Although that sounds sensible, there are important reasons for helping a troubled primary tooth survive to its natural end.

Current usefulness. They may not be around for long, but primary teeth serve children well while they have them. They enable a child to eat solid foods to further their physical development. They also figure prominently in speech development, which could be stunted by lost teeth.

The smile factor. Young children are also honing their social skills, and smiling is an important part of learning to fit in with family and friends. A tooth that's missing for some time, especially in the “smile zone,” could affect their smile and have an adverse effect on their social development.

Future teeth health. A primary tooth reserves the space intended for the future permanent tooth, helping to ensure the incoming tooth erupts in the right position. If it's not there, however, other teeth can drift into the space, crowding the incoming tooth out of its proper alignment.

That last reason could have the most long-term effect, causing the development of a poor bite that could require extensive orthodontic treatment. To avoid this and any other physical or social consequences accompanying its premature loss, it's worth the effort to try to protect and save a primary tooth.

Preventively, we can apply sealants on biting surfaces more prone to plaque buildup (the main cause of decay) and topical fluoride to strengthen enamel. When decay does occur, we may be able to remove it and fill the tooth, cap a tooth with a steel crown, or even use a modified root canal procedure in the case of advanced tooth decay.

The best way, however, to protect your child's primary teeth is to brush and floss them every day. Removing harmful plaque vastly reduces the risk of tooth decay. Coupled with professional dental care, your child can avoid tooth decay and get the most out of their primary teeth.

If you would like more information on children's dental care, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Importance of Baby Teeth.”

By Frechtman Family Dental of Edison
January 27, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures

Common Dental Problems You Can Fix With Cosmetic Dentistry.

We are all trying to put our best face forward but a lot of us have to deal with smile imperfections that can make that difficult. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of treatments that address a lot of common dental problems. To learn more reach out to your Edison, NJ, cosmetic dentists Dr. Saul Frechtman and Dr. David Frechtman of Frechtman Family Dental of Edison.

Teeth Whitening

If you suffer from stained teeth and just wish for a bright white smile, your best recourse is your dentist's office. Professional whitening is more effective, safer, and often faster than over the counter whitening products.

Tooth Repair

To repair small chips and cracks your dentist can employ a resin compound that is bonded to your tooth and reshaped to return to it its natural appearance. This same composite can be used as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings to provide a tooth-colored aspect that blends in with the rest of your tooth.

Larger cavities can be restored using lab-made fillings, referred to as onlays and inlays, depending on which part of the tooth they are restoring. They are also tooth-colored and can protect your tooth without the need for a complete crown, which is the next step if the damage is large enough.

Full Smile Makeover

Porcelain veneers are a great option if you suffer from a number of imperfections, such as gaps or cracks, and you are looking for a full smile makeover. Veneers are thin caps that are affixed onto your teeth, bonded in the same way as a crown would be, but because so little of your tooth has to be removed they are a relatively fast procedure. You'll be surprised by the results.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Edison, NJ

Come into the office to find all that cosmetic dentistry can do for you. Make an appointment today with the Drs. Frechtman of Frechtman Family Dental of Edison in Edison, NJ, by dialing (732) 548-8600.

By Frechtman Family Dental of Edison
December 30, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

A beautiful smile makes you feel more confident and attractive, but it's hard to feel confident when you have broken or missing teeth. Fortunately, dental implants drastically improve your appearance. Dr. Saul Frechtman and Dr. David Frechtman at Frechtman Family Dental provide a wide array of dentistry services, including dental implants. If you are interested in dental implants and live in Edison, schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists. Keep reading to learn about dental implants and osseointegration.

What are Dental Implants?
Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are shaped like screws. They are a permanent anchor for artificial teeth. Dental implants are ideal for patients with teeth that are broken or crooked. They're a smart choice for people who have gaps in the teeth or missing teeth as well. Shaped like screws, dental implants can help you gain more confidence in your appearance. They also improve your ability to chew and pronounce words.

What is Osseointegration?
When you receive dental implants, your dentist places them within the tooth sockets in your jawbone. Over time, the dental implants fuse with your jawbone. This process is called osseointegration. It results in a permanent foundation for artificial teeth.

Placing the Abutment
After osseointegration, your dentist places an abutment. The abutment is the piece that connects to your artificial tooth. You need to heal for about two weeks before the dentist places the artificial tooth onto the abutment.

Maintaining Your Dental Implants
With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. You can extend the life of your dental implants by:

  • Practicing excellent oral hygiene
  • Visiting your dentist for regular checkups
  • Staying away from hard candy
  • Not chewing ice
  • Avoiding tobacco products
  • Avoiding caffeine

Are you ready to improve your smile with dental implants? Do you live in Edison? Dr. Saul Frechtman and Dr. David Frechtman at Frechtman Family Dental can help you gain self-confidence and a beautiful smile. Get started by scheduling your appointment today at 732-548-8600.