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What A Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For Your Smile

By Frechtman Family Dental of Edison
November 01, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular branches of the dental field. It's estimated that Americans spend $2.75 billion each year cosmetic dentistryseeking cosmetic help to improve their smiles. Survey after survey shows that a nice smile is at the top of the list when ranking the most important physical features. A number of cosmetic dental treatments are available that can help you get the smile that you've always wanted. Find out what a cosmetic dentist at Frechtman Family Dental in Edison, NJ can do for you.

Close Gaps or Replace Missing Teeth
Many people are unhappy with the gaps between their teeth. Sometimes the gaps are caused by teeth that are too small and sometimes the teeth are crowded together in one place, leaving spaces. Your cosmetic dentist can close these gaps with orthodontic treatments like metal braces and Invisalign plastic aligner trays. A faster solution for small gaps is veneers or a cap (crown). When a whole tooth is missing, dental implants, partial dentures or bridges can fill in the space.

Brighten Your Smile
Another popular service offered by the cosmetic dentists at Frechtman Family Dental in Edison is teeth whitening. In fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, whitening is the most requested cosmetic treatment requested by patients. It's a quick appointment, usually taking about 60 minutes to complete. Patients who can't benefit from professional bleaching gels can get a brighter smile with the help of veneers.

Smooth and Contour Your Teeth
Sometimes jagged, cracked, chipped or crooked teeth are the problem. Teeth can get worn down with age or become damaged due to injury. Your dentist can fix these cosmetic problems in just a few minutes with cosmetic bonding and contouring. A special tooth-colored material is applied to the enamel. When it hardens, your dentist can shape and contour it to give the tooth a better appearance for five or more years. Another potential solution is a veneer or crown—these treatments take longer to complete but they will keep your teeth looking beautiful for 10-20 years or longer.

Call for Cosmetic Help Today
You may find that your best smile is just one appointment away. Call (732) 548-8600 today to schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentists Dr. Saul Frechtman and Dr. David Frechtman at Frechtman Family Dental in Edison, NJ.