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What Is Causing My Jaw Pain?

By Frechtman Family Dental of Edison
June 16, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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What your dentists in Edison want you to knowjaw pain

There are many conditions that can result in jaw pain. Pain in your jaws can affect your everyday life. It can radiate into other areas of your face and neck. The pain can be sharp and stabbing, or deep and throbbing. It can last for minutes, or be a chronic problem that lasts for days or weeks. Drs. Saul and David Frechtman at Frechtman Family Dental in Edison, NJ want to help relieve your jaw pain.

A frequent cause of jaw pain is inflammation of your temporomandibular joint, known as the TMJ. This joint has a unique movement much like a sliding hinge. It connects your lower jawbone to your skull and helps you open and close your jaw. The TMJ can sometimes be knocked or moved out of position, causing irritation, inflammation, and swelling. You will feel pressure and pain that can sometimes be severe.

Common signs and symptoms of TMJ problems include:

  • Chronic, unrelieved jaw pain
  • Pain that radiates into your face, ears and other parts of your head
  • Clicking or popping sounds when you chew
  • Your jaw locking in place

Fortunately, there are effective treatments for jaw pain related to your TMJ. Your dentists in Edison may recommend:

  • TMJ splints and other devices
  • Stretching, physical therapy and other therapies
  • Muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory and pain medications

Jaw pain can also be the result of erupting third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth eruption can be felt between the ages of 18 and 25. If there is not enough room for wisdom teeth, the erupting teeth will put pressure on the teeth around them, causing pain. The soft tissue around the wisdom teeth can also become infected, causing pressure and pain. Treatment is usually removal of the wisdom teeth.

Grinding or clenching your teeth is another common cause of jaw pain. When you clench or grind, your teeth press against each other with excessive force, causing wear on your teeth and inflammation in your jaws. Chronic clenching and grinding can result in inflammation of the TMJ and the possible need for tooth restorations and root canals.

If you think you are grinding or clenching, a custom-made nightguard might be the answer. Nightguards protect your teeth against grinding forces and injury. You wear the nightguard while you sleep so you grind the nightguard instead of your teeth.

You can get relief from jaw pain from the experts. Call Drs. Saul and David Frechtman at Frechtman Family Dental in Edison, NJ. Call today!